Hello there, Welcome to my virtual art gallery website. I am glad to present my works with you!

I started painting ever since the pandemic has hit all of us. I was going through panic attacks and anxiety problems.

When I am painting I feel like my mind and my heart are singing along with the paint brush. I love the feel of vibrant colour combinations, I love splashing, dripping, scribbling and making millions of marks on my artworks. I keep changing my painting techniques as I get easily bored with painting using one method. I love acrylics as I have more room to experiment with the layers and different patterns. Hope you enjoy my "Giverny Series" which has been drawn after visiting Claude Monet's house in Giverny. I was heavily inspired to draw more flowers after visiting this place.

I am drawn to nature and feel submerged in it when I take my walks in the forest we live near by. The touch of the mud, the crispy scent of the leaves, the suns rays playing hide and seek in between the tree trunks make me feel so alive. I try to bring in those earthy textures, that rugged imperfect lines that still look so beautiful into my artworks.